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Monday, December 5, 2011

Do You Ever...?

Wonder what other people are doing right now?
Like, not strangers or something.
But your friends?

Because sometimes I do. It's like 'I wonder what they are doing right now.." For all I know they could be skiing in the Sahara Desert with some Polka-Dotted Purple Flamingos who can dance too. :p Bahah xD

Sometimes I also wonder if someone somewhere else is thinking about me... It's possible! Possibilities are endless, my dearest friend. ;]

I started singing 'Bullet Proof' in Tech Ed, and then I ended up just randomly making up lyrics to the song, but the lyrics actually made sense. I should write a song with it! But find a different melody and music so it's not like I'm copying off their song.


GEE-OM-A-TREE! xD lol.


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